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Farmer's markets play a valuable role in promoting healthy communities in Montana. While shoppers enjoy the freshness and taste of locally grown foods, and vendors capture more of the value of their products from direct sales to their customers, money is circulated through the local economy.

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Use the tabs below for additional resources for farmer's market managers and vendors. For additional assistance, contact us. See below for the interactive map or download the Montana Farmer's Market Directory.

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If you manage a market or are a market vendor, find more resources on the Farmers Market Manager Portal from the Department of Agriculture. Click Here for the Abundant Montana Directory.

Click Here for the Farmers Market Portal. Direct marketing of farm products through farmer's markets continues to be an important sales outlet for agricultural producers nationwide. The number of farmer's markets nationally grows every year, and this growth clearly indicates that farmer's markets are meeting the needs of a growing number of farmer's with small- to medium-sized operations.

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More National Farmer's Markets Facts. A: Potentially hazardous foods require licensing before selling at farmers markets.

These foods include cut melon, raw seed sprouts, garlic in oil preserves, a food of animal origin that is raw or heated, and a food of plant origin that is heat-treated. Contact your local county sanitarian for more information on licensing requirements. A: In general, vendors do not need a special license if they are selling raw and unprocessed farm products such as fruits and vegetables, baked goods, or fruit preserves.

To learn more about health and safety regulations applying to farmer's markets, contact your county sanitarian. Log In Here or Create an account. Share Pin it Tweet. Leave a Comment. Check Us Out, We're Social!

How to Sell food at Farmers Markets and build a local food business

Sign up to receive coupon codes in your inbox! Your email subscription has been recorded! Be sure you have all them all in place. A community survey will do the trick. Who would be interested in shopping at your market?

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This will help you pinpoint what your market will be all about. Knowing your audience will help you focus your goals. Are there enough interested vendors in your area to provide the range and volume of product for your market? This is the most important consideration, given how challenging it can be to find farmers these days who are available and willing to participate in your market.